German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on Wednesday evening a plan to relax COVID-19 restrictions, including conditions to reopen businesses. 

Merkel made the announcement following a meeting with the 16 state premiers on Wednesday that lasted more than nine hours. 

The federal government announced that the lockdown has been extended until at least March 28. 

What Merkel announced:

There is a five-step plan to relaxing restrictions on a regional or state level
Each step will be taken every 14 days if regional infection numbers are stable or reduced
An emergency brake system will return regions to current lockdown levels if there are three consecutive days with an incidence rate above 100
At least one free rapid test per week will be available for all residents of Germany starting March 8An independent expert committee is set to recommend lifting the restriction on the AsrtaZeneca vaccine, which was initially limited to people under 65


Source: DW