Although there is a rally towards the 14.100 level in the DAX index after the global indices that spend the week with increasing incentive expectations, it is observed that closings above this level have not been successful. The decision on the stimulus package bill, which is expected to enter into force without the decision of the Republicans in the USA, is still up-to-date by the House of Representatives. On the other hand, it can be said that the decrease in the number of coronavirus cases triggered the expectation that economies will recover. While this expectation kept the indexes somewhat strong, the pressure on the indices increased after Fed Chairman Powell stated that the USA was far from a strong employment market. Thus, while a mixed course prevails in global stock markets, we see that the DAX index completed the day at 13.932 with a 0.56 percent decrease.

If we look at the developments in the German economy, industrial production in Germany did not change in December and ended its 7-month rise. It is observed that the current account balance in Germany exceeded expectations with 28.2 billion Euros in December. However, there is a serious decline in exports due to the epidemic effect. If we look at the announced inflation value, we see that it is in line with the expectations on a monthly and annual basis. On the other hand, while German Chancellor Merkel called for the Kovid-19 restrictions to continue until the end of February, it can be said that the statements about extending the quarantine period until 7 or 14 March suppressed the index increases.

Following all these developments, we follow the 13.800 initial support for the returns from this level in the index, which cannot be successful in closing above the level of 14.100, and below this level, we follow the support points of 13.476 and 13.225 gradually. However, if the prices continue to hold above the level of 14.000, it can be expected that the increases in the index will carry their rise to the 14.400 and 14.750 resistance levels together with the 14.100 level.